TDS Mentorship

Learn to trade the Philippine Stock Market with confidence. Get this self-paced mentorship. Learn the basics and trade at your own pace using TD’s proven trade strategies. 

TDS Program for OFWs and Seaman

What our students say...

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TDS stands for Traders Den Student. As a TDS, students are being transformed holistically and being taught the proper mindset, discipline, and strategy for them to survive a thousand trades. The Program ideally runs for 6 months and students are expected to graduate within that time frame. 

Why Become a TDS? What are the perks? 

  1. Foundation Building
  2. Live Trading
  3. Mental and Emotional Support
  4. Di ka gagraduate sa course hanggang hindi ka marunong magtrade

Ano-ano ang matutunan ko sa program na ito? 

By committing yourself to the process, you will learn the following: 

  1. Basics about the Stock Market
  2. Technical Analysis Foundation
  3. How to Use Chart for Newbies? (Navigating TradingView)
  4. Trading Strategies (How to Buy and Sell Stocks?)
  5. Habits of a Profitable Trader
  6. Emotional Discipline
  7. You will learn to trade “The TDS-way.”
  8. Paano tumagal sa mundo ng trading
  9. Live Trading (Application)

Basically, becoming a TDS will push you to be better at trading by the help and guidance of Lioness and fellow Traders Den Students.